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Terri-Lynn McFadyen

ACE-certified, IDEA member, Paris resident


Tel : 33 01 45 31 96 25

Fax : 33 1 45 30 50 99



Terri-Lynn McFadyen, Canadian, has been on the avant-garde of the French fitness scene for the last 13 years. Presently she is co-owner of Two Teach Pros, a small business which promotes fitness in France as well as on an international level. She has been a NIKE Fitness Athlete since 1994, collaborating and translating the various NIKE programs.


She is a SCHWINN Fitness Academy Master Presenter, and is also sponsored by Stairmaster/SCHWINN fitness international, ENERVIT Nutrition Bars, Scott bicycle company and POLAR International. She is an A.C.E. Certified Group Fitness Leader, Group Fitness Leader Diploma from The British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association as well as Okanagan College.


She has starred in 9 international fitness videos, co-producing in 6 of these videos, and is currently filming a series of PILATES DVDs. 


As an international presenter, Terri-Lynn has 14 years of experience working in over 22 countries worldwide spreading her enthusiasm, knowledge and professionalism .


She is Director of SCHWINN Indoor Cycling as well as PILATES Education in France, and creator of a new class design called MIND BODY TOTAL TUNING, which incorporates the techniques of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga, Pilates, passive and active stretching.


Terri-Lynn is a contributor/author for the RiPP Resistance Performance Program and  has presented the educational program in Los Angeles at the IDEA World Convention in August 2000.


Outside the fitness arena, Terri-Lynn does French to English translations for NIKE FRANCE and SCHWINN FITNESS INTERNATIONAL in their respective education departments, has successfully operated Tuppence Ha’penny, an English bath shop in Vancouver Canada, and has been a top salesperson for Footlocker Sporting gear.


She is currently the operating manager of OTONIC EDEN STUDIO and BEAUTY INSTITUT IN A 4000 M2 aquatic centre. She travels as an international presenter and fitness consultant to some of the most prestigious health clubs in the world.


She is a single mom to Jordan who is 5 years old!





2001                            MICHAEL KING PILATES Matwork Certification module 1 & 2

                                   Anatomy and Physiology Workshops  (60 hours)

                                   London, England


2000                           IDEA World Fitness Convention Los Angeles California

                             (25 hours)

European Master Spinning Presenter Continuing Education Camp  (30 hours)

                                   Barcelona, Spain


1998                           IDEA World Fitness Convention, Orlando Florida

(15 hours)

                                   IDEA MIND-BODY CONVENTION Orlando Florida

                                   (8 hours)

                                   European  Master Spinning Presenter Camp

                                   Schwarzee, Switzerland

                                   (30 hours)


 1997                 European Master Spinning Presenter Ongoing Education

                       Verbier, Switzerland

                                   (30 hours)


1996                  European Master Spinning Presenter Clinic

                       Gstaad, Switzerland

                                   (30 hours)


                                   IDEA World Fitness Convention, Orlando Florida

                                   (20 hours)


1992                            A.C.E. Diploma Group Fitness Leader, London, England


                                   IDEA World Fitness Convention, Las Vegas Nevada

                                   (20 hours)


1990                            B.C.R.P.A.  Fitness Leader

                                    Kelowna, Canada


1989                            B.C.R.P.A.  Fitness Leader

                                   Kelowna, Canada


1987                            Okanagan College Fitness Leader   Kelowna, Canada


                                   Okanagan College Language program  Kelowna Canada

2 year  French/German studies

Creative Writing Program

University Transfer Degree





            Workshops and/or masterclasses for the following events :


2000                    Presenter French Guyanna Cayenne    4 hours               

                            Presenter Brussels, Belgium 4 hours                                        

                            Presenter Coco-Line Convention Switzerland 2 hours             

                            Presenter at FIBO Germany/SAFS Interlaaken  20 hours      

    Presenter IDEA Los Angeles U.S.A. 10 hours                                      

                            Presenter Blue Fitness Riccione Italy     7 hours                         

                            Presenter Vertigo Convention Lausanne Switzerland 9 hours

                           Presenter Espinho Portugal 4 hours


                        Presenter in major fitness conventions throughout France


                        Educator Spinning in Holland/France/Portugal/Morocco/Saudi Arabia (each Spinning education 15 hours)


1999                            Presenter BASEL CONGRESS FITNESS Basel

                                   Presenter Vertigo Fitness Convention Leyssin

                                   Presenter FITNESS ON THE BEACH Summer Tour 99

                                   Presenter FFG Convention Dinard

                                   Presenter Federatie Voor Fitness en Aerobics Belgium

                                   Presenter BODYLIFE Karlsrhuhe Germany


Educator Spinning in Holland/England/Saudia Arabia/Switzerland/Germany/Belgium/Morocco


1998-99                       Organiser/Presenter events TWO TEACH PROS CITY

                                   FORM FOREST HILLS NANTERRE.

Presenter BALE CONGRESS FITNESS Allemagne (Germany) 

                             Presenter Vertigo Fitness Convention Leyssin Suisse (Switzerland)

                                   Presenter  Fitness Altitude  Val Thoren’s 

Organiser / Presenter European Fitness Connection

                                   Tortoreto Lido, Italy  


1997-98                       Presenter / Collaborater Nike Total Athletic Training


                                   Presenter Spinning : Manchester England/ Lisbon Portugal/

                                   Amman Jordan/ Lausanne Switzerland/ Paris France/ Aix en Provence France

                                   / Salerno Italy/Istanbul Turkey


1997                            Presenter / Collaborater Nike Total Sports Conditioning

                                   Presenter Spinning : Tokyo, Osaka Japan/ Barcelona Spain/
                                   Antwerpen Belgium/ Amsterdam Holland/ Reykjavik Iceland/ 
                       Dusseldorf, Berlin, Hanovre Germany/ Birminghan England


1996                            Presenter / Collaborater Nike Total Body Conditioning           

                                   Presenter Spinning : Rimini Italy/ Tokyo Japan/ Amsterdam
                                   Holland/ Dusseldorf Germany


1995                            Bronze medallist French national aerobic championships

                                   Montpellier France

                                   Nike Fitness presenter World Aerobic Championships

                                   Paris France

                                   International presenter

                                   Corfou Greece/ Venice Italy/ Kelowna Canada


1993/94/95/96           National Fitness presenter French National Fitness




Employment (lieu de travail)


January  2000                        Anthony’s Studio

                                               Group Fitness Leader

                                               Workshop Presenter

                                               Paris France


Septembre  1998                     Top Forme Studio

                                               Group Fitness Leader 

Angouleme France

                                               Gymnasium Villejuif

                                               Group Fitness Leader 

Villejuif France


September 1997              Top Forme Studio

                                               Group Fitness Leader

Angouleme France


May 1996                    Anthony's Studio/School

Oct. 1997                                Group Fitness Leader

                                               Workshop presenter

Paris France


April 1996                               Schwinn/Scott Europe

(inclusive)                                Master Spinning Instructor

( presente)                             Givisiez Switzerland


September  1994                       Nike Fitness Athlete France

(inclusive)                                Group Fitness Leader

( presente)                             Workshop presenter/collaborator



January 1992/96                    Espace Vit'Halles

                               Group Fitness Leader

                                               Aerobic competitor

                                               Workshop presenter

                                               Paris France



October 1989/1994                 Espace Corps et Vie

                                               Group Fitness Leader                          

                                               Paris France